Project Description


The challenge is to understand the psychology behind the business, how the brand was conceived, it’s story and it’s origin.

The next challenge is to translate this into an actual design. It is also critical to understand who the brand will be aimed at, what sort of emotion it should invoke when a prospect sees it.


The strategy is not just to come up with a pretty design. The aim is to make sure that the logo has certain meaning to it – to which both the customers and the employees can relate to.

We start with an overall understanding of the company, its culture, the products, and take a comprehensive picture. Only then do we move to the actual designing process. The magic is always in the little details.


Our approach is as simple as it gets – just like how a good logo should be. We understand that the logo is the face of your brand. We want to deliver 100% satisfaction to you. We brainstorm together with you initially and then we offer you multiple designs to choose from. The approach, as it should be, is specifically tailored to each project.


Have a look at some of our latest designs to get a perspective of our design language and thought process.

Making Memorable Masterpieces.


Branding Infinity and Team Core Fitness Club have been partners for almost 3 years now. In our 3 years together, we have grown from just one fitness club to 12 clubs across Delhi NCR. If you are in the fitness industry, I will highly recommend you to consider these guys for your brand.

Tajinder Singh, Team Core Fitness Club

We collaborated with Branding Infinity for our website development and other brand elements like logo and design language. 100% satisfied with the results.